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Tackling Tough Topics: An Educator's Guide to Working with Military Kids:
This publication was created to assist you in better understanding and being responsive to the unique issues facing military kids whose parents or loved ones have been or are currently deployed. It provides practical, hands-on information to help you deal with the unique "tough to talk about" topics students experience in the school setting.
Tough Topic Series:
Issue 1: Supporting Military Kids During Deployment
Issue 2: Helping Kids Cope with Stress
Issue 3: Impact of Grief and Loss
Issue 4: Fostering Resilience in Kids
Issue 5: Military Kids, Homecoming & Reunion
Issue 6: Talking to Kids about Violence, Terrorism, and War
Issue 7: Dealing with Death

Supporting Youth During Deployment (PDF)
This article outlines specific strategies youth development professionals can support youth during the stressful time of deployment.

Talking with Children about War and Violence in the World
From Educators for Social Responsibility, this article explores some of the questions teachers and parents ask most frequently-in particular about ways to have discussions about events such as war, terrorism, and military involvement in distant lands.

Military Grief - Educators

A series from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network outlining resources for school personnel about how to better serve military children who are experiencing traumatic grief.

Educators Guide to the Military During Deployment
This booklet, sponsored by the Educational Opportunities Directorate of the Department of Defense, is intended to help educators build coping skills in students during and after a military deployment.

How To Prepare Our Children and Stay Involved in Their Education During Deployment
Tips for parents and educators from the Military Child Education Coalition.  

Emotional Cycle of Deployment - A Family Perspective

Educators Guide to the Military During Deployment (PDF)

FLAKE Study Effects of Deployment on Military Child (PDF)

Taking Care of Children with a Deployed Parent (PDF)

Impact Aid
Since 1950, Congress has provided financial assistance to military-impacted local education agencies (LEAs) through the U.S. Department of Education Impact Aid Program. Impact Aid was designed to compensate local school districts that have lost property tax revenue due to the presence of tax-exempt federal property, including military installations, or that have experienced increased expenditures due to the enrollment of federally connected children, such as military and Indian students. Impact Aid is a function and responsibility of the U.S. Department of Education. The Department of Defense plays no part in the development, determination, or distribution of resources.
AASA Fact Sheet

Additional Resources to learn about Impact Aid:
Department of Education Impact Aid Program Office

DoDEA Educational Partnership Branch

Military Impacted Schools Association

Impact Aid Basics

Impact Aid Powerpoint

National Association of Federally Impacted Schools

Organizations Supporting the Military Child
Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)

Military Child Education Coalition

Military One Source

National Military Family Association 

Interstate Compact for Military - Connected Students

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